Our [ARGIE]ArgenStake

Why us?
Staking with us means...

Let's make this clear: We're not in this for the money. We believe that, if we ever make some money, it will be due to $ADA's rise in price, not by running a staking pool. So it the end, it would be irrelevant to run a stake pool, right? No, not really.

See, our goal, our burning desire is to get involved. We need to do something for Cardano project and, after acquiring a keen understanding on how Ouroboros and Cardano's POS work, we really believed we needed to take action. Living far away, in Rosario city, Argentina, without any experience in development, we had our chances limited... but... wait... we do have a lot of experience in @SysAdmin nerdy stuff... why don't we create a stake pool? And this is it, guys.

The principles:

1) While we don't expect to make money out of the pool, we DO expect that our delegators make the most out of it. This means we will:

(A) Charge the absolute minimum fee (0% + 340 ₳) for the stake pool itself. If in the future we are allowed to charge even less than that, we certainly will. This means more rewards for our delegators.

(B) Keep our servers alive at all times, with two, possibly three relay servers working simultaneously, so no block is ever lost.

(C) Keep our servers secure. That's why we hired a state-of-the-art provider in hosting services, located in the US (yes, we would not risk having an argentinian vendor with less-than-optimal security standards).

(D) We will re-pledge every single ADA we earn by resolving blocks. We aim to become a 60M staking pool, and we will direct every effort and reward to that end.

(E) We did not hire -or even considering hiring- anything related to Google or Amazon, such as AWS. Right now, a LOT of Cardano nodes are running in either of the two, and this is a potential security liability. Because...

2) DEX (Decentralization) is the key to Proof-Of-Stake (and Cardano's) security and success. That's why we want to encourage you and your friends to delegate and stake with us. Cardano's infrastructure right now is centered in Europe, eastern Asia and the US. It's very sensible to give LA a chance, and it's a liability to keep concentrating nodes in "the big three". This is a world project, it has to be. Not a developed-world one. That's why we are here.

3) As mentioned in the Vision page, we believe in crypto, in Proof-of-Stake, in privacy, in liquid-democracy self-governance, in private tokens, in freedom, in decentralization, in deflationary assets, in Charles' genius. We believe in the right of the people to choose what to do with their money, because their money is their work, and their work is their life. Altogether with a deep respect for each other's way of life and the inalienable right in each human being to pursuit their life goals, we have the absolute certainty that we cannot be happy in a society where most of our pairs isn't. The wealth aspect plays only a part, of course; happiness goes a long way beyond materialism. But in underdeveloped countries such as ours, with people growing poorer and more excluded every day, this goes a long, long way. 

That's why we said it and we'll say it once more:


We believe in Cardano.