Fede, by lean

Fede is the King of Electrons. No, really: He has a keen understanding of what the electrons are thinking in every single moment. Fede feeds the electrons before they get hungry. He walks them regularly, checks their oil and keeps them well groomed. He's like Rayden, from Mortal Kombat. He also works in a factory making plastic stuff which he designs and creates the matrix for. On a side, less important note, he's a wonderful, kind-hearted, generous and fantastically humored friend.

Lean, by Fede

As an olympic weightlifter, Lean is a good trader. As a writer, Lean is a good gardener. As a code developer, Lean is a good mechanic. As a photographer, Lean is a good construction worker. As a cook, he's good at financials. As a fisherman, he's a good Magic The Gahering player. A Victorinox friend worth keeping in the kitchen's drawer.