Our Vision

Cardano & Present

We believe in crypto. We believe in Proof-of-Stake. We believe in privacy. We believe in liquid-democracy and self-governance. We believe in private tokens. We believe in freedom. We believe in decentralization. We believe in deflationary assets. We believe in Charles' genius.



We believe in Cardano.

Cardano & Future

We believe no other crypto project has the power and future that Cardano & ADA have. Not only Cardano adopted a scientific approach to Blockchain 3.0: It showed, is showing and will continue showing that it can make it real. That's why we are supporting the project in the best way we can, from a remote, glorious back in the day, but currently poverty-ridden country, as Argentina.



The channel by which governments manage to make their people poor is through currency, especially through currency debasement. And cryptos in general, and ADA in particular, are giving us the lifeline we need to turn this misery match around, not only in Argentina and South America, but across the globe.

Long life to ADA & CARDANO!